What’s Your Six-Word Motto for the USA?

 Posted by on 8 February 2008 at 11:41 am  Politics
Feb 082008

The Freakonomics blog over at NYTimes has a little contest asking people to try to write a six-word motto for the US. Browsing the comments, I found an amazing variety of self-deprecating, self-hating, cynical, desperate, overly narrow, pathetic, and downright moronic entries. Oh, and there are even some clever and nice ones, too. Here’s some of that variety:

  • “The last best hope of mankind.”
  • “When in doubt, whip it out!”
  • “We came; we saw; we ravaged.”
  • “12 Million Illegals Can’t Be Wrong!”
  • “e plures suffragium, unum claudus rectum” (Translation: out of many votes, one lame decider.)
  • “Land of free, ex-home of braves.”
  • “Our ‘poor’ are richer than you.”
  • “One Nation To Rule The Mall”
  • “All your oil are belong to us.”
  • “Always number one. We insist.”
  • “Dominated the 20th Century — now what?”
  • “We Saved The World from Hitler”
  • “Why can’t you be like us?”
  • “The most gentle empire so far.”
  • “Hold my beer and watch this!”
  • “Birthplace of the earth’s true terrorists.”
  • “We make and break the rules.”
  • “Look, at least we’re trying.”
  • “Where too much is never enough.”
  • “Please step away from the oil.”
  • “Our worst critics prefer to stay.”

Who better than a crowd like ours to name the essence of this land, its promise, its potential. What are your six words? I submitted these:

  • “Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.”
  • “Founded on the concept of freedom.”
  • “Best and last hope of humanity.”
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