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 Posted by on 30 December 2007 at 12:15 am  Film
Dec 302007

Of the people who’ve signed up to be my NetFlix “friends”, Greg Perkins rates second with 80% similarity to me. (Paul and I are about 95% similar, so he doesn’t bother rating his own movies.)

Then again, Greg gave The Last Samurai five stars. I’ll admit, it was a well-constructed movie. However, Paul and I both thought it revoltingly vicious in its philosophy from start to finish, with the single exception of a comment about the perfectionism of the Samurai culture in all its pursuits. Its noble ethic was that of senseless sacrifice in the fulfillment of duty. It was anti-industrialization, anti-technology, anti-civilization, and (as if that’s not enough) anti-American. Blech!

Of course, the fact that it was a well-done movie, with a coherent plot and well-drawn characters, only made its thoroughly awful philosophy so much more clear. Normally, I can tolerate well-done movies with vicious themes… but not this time.

So Greg: Five stars?!? Explain yourself, man! ;-)

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