You Said It!

 Posted by on 9 December 2007 at 8:00 am  Religion
Dec 092007

I’m having a wee bit of trouble believing that an article like this one — Rational Questions — could ever be written or published. Yet unless I’m a brain in a vat, it was written by Jason Lee Steorts and published in National Review Online!

The article is a defense of Mitt Romney against the charge made by Christians that his Mormonism is too crazy to be believed. The author argues that the more standard versions of Christianity are just as illogical, just as unproven, just as bizarre as Mormonism.

That’s certainly true, but it’s grounds for rejecting Christianity and all other forms of religion, not for embracing the followers of a new set of absurdities as a fellow brothers-in-irrationality!

(Via Thomas Shoebotham, who very appropriately said “This one goes under the heading ‘They said it, not us’, or something like that.”)

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