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Nov 282007

Yaron Brook, President and Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute, sent out this heartening bit of news today. I’m reposting it with permission:

Dear ARI Contributor:

I have outstanding news that I wanted to make you aware of as soon as possible.

As you may already know, Tom Bowden’s op-ed, “Deep-Six the Law of the Sea,” appeared in the November 20 edition of “The Wall Street Journal.”

The impact of that op-ed has been extremly encouraging. Both Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Sen. John Kyl of Arizona have referenced Tom’s article; see, for example:

This is a major milestone for the Institute–with not only our views making the editorial pages of one of the nation’s most prestigious newspapers, but for that editorial being cited approvingly by two prominent U.S. Senators.

I believe that this is clear evidence of the extraordinary potential that we now have to make an impact on policy issues.

Who would have thought, five or ten years ago, that something like this would have been possible?

Our ability to continue to produce articles such as Tom Bowden’s–and to get them published in the nation’s leading newspapers, where they come to the attention of key policymakers–is directly related to the support we receive from donors such as you.

Likewise, your continued backing of our media and advocacy efforts is vital to our success; so I hope you will consider a special contribution to ARI to allow us to keep this momentum going; you can do so online at:

Thank you again for your support of our efforts!


Yaron Brook
President and Executive Director
The Ayn Rand Institute


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