Leftists Feminists as Battered Wives

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Apr 082002

Edward Blum tells a great story about Al Sharpton in his latest article in NRO. Sharpton says:

We may have a bad date with Michael Bloomberg, but I’m not going to be the battered wife for the Democratic party. That’s what battering husbands do: beat their wives, talk about “Nobody wants you but me,” slap them around, say “Who else is going to buy you a dress?” Well, I’d rather walk around naked than wear your wretched dress.

The leftist feminists (NOW and company) were certainly the battered wives of the Clinton administration. They went ballistic over the flimsy allegations that Clarence Thomas make some inappropriate sexual comments towards Anita Hill. But when President Clinton was accused of rape by the much more credible Juanita Broaddrick, we barely heard a peep.

Apparently, no woman except Juanita Broaddrick has ever falsely reported a rape. Apparently, no man who supports feminists causes is capable of behaving abominably towards women.

But of course, if Clinton did rape Ms. Broaddrick, surely he is sorry and has mended his ways. And surely no other president would love those feminist groups the way that Slick Willie did.

Battered wives indeed.

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