Craig Biddle in Michigan

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Nov 122007

Before Craig Biddle visits Colorado to speak this Thursday and Friday, he’ll be speaking in Michigan:

Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand’s Morality of Egoism”

Who: Craig Biddle, editor and publisher of The Objective Standard

What: A talk on the new morality of rational egoism set forth in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged.

When: Wednesday, November 14 at 7:30 pm

Where: University of Michigan — Ann Arbor, Angell Hall Auditorium A

The public and media are invited. Admission is FREE.

Summary: Ayn Rand’s egoism is a system of observation-based principles regarding the requirements of human life, personal happiness, social harmony, and political freedom. In this talk, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Atlas Shrugged, Craig Biddle presents the basic principles of rational egoism, contrasts them with the alternatives, and shows why everyone who wants to live happily and freely needs to understand and embrace them.

Presented by the University of Michigan Students of Objectivism.

As usual, I recommend Craig’s lectures.

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