The Six Most Terrifying Foods in the World

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Nov 022007

I used to go to Japan a lot for work, and would joke that half of the Japanese diet seemed to be based on a dare. My friends and coworkers there seemed to delight in sharing new, um, delicacies. I took it in good stride, though, and considered it a bonding thing. :^)

Unfortunately, so little of the American diet seems to be based on a dare that it was hard to repay the favor: the best I could do was “rocky mountain oysters” which are served annually at a rural festival in Eagle, a city just outside Boise. My guests just laughed at how pathetic a dare-food that is.

But it turns out they are comparative dare-food pikers, too. I’ll never whine about Japanese dare-food again. This article on the Six Most Terrifying Foods in the World is incredible — both for the horrors it describes, and for how hard it made me laugh.

(HT: W.M.)

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