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Oct 272007

I’m horribly, miserably sick today with some kind of head cold. It has been coming on since Tuesday morning, but I staved it off until Friday afternoon. (My mom was visiting until then, so I was determined not to be sick.) So I just had a bit of a sore throat, scratchy voice, and hugely swollen lymph nodes until yesterday. Then I began to enjoy the distinct pleasures of a stuffy nose and total exhaustion. So now I’m miserable.

I’m also bored out of my tree, as I can’t do any thinking in my condition. I’ve cleaned out all the backlogged episodes of The Dog Whisperer from my TiVo. (I do enjoy the show, but not all day long!) I also watched M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village. I can’t say much about it without giving away the plot, but I did enjoy it despite the theme. It wasn’t nearly as well done as Signs though. (That was stellar art in the service of a totally corrupt theme.)

Also, on Thursday evening, we watched The Lives of Others. It’s a German movie about life before the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s fantastic; I cannot recommend it enough.

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