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Oct 032007

Does anyone have the PDF of Harry Binswanger’s article “Volition as Cognitive Self-Regulation” as published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes that they might be able to e-mail me? I have the Second Renaissance reprint, but I should cite the pagination from the original publication for my dissertation.

If you’re an academic, you might check to see whether you have access to online archive for that issue. The PDF of that article is online, but CU Boulder’s subscription stops two years short of that particular issue. Boo hoo!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update #1: Thanks to two helpful souls, I now have the article in question. Hooray!

Update #2: In case anyone else cares, the typesetting of the two versions is identical, so to get the proper page numbers for the jounal, you just need to renumber the Second Renaissance pamphlet from 154-178.

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