OpinionJournal on AR

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Sep 132007

Right now, I’m so pressed by a looming dissertation deadline that I can’t even afford the time to read this OpinionJournal article on Freedom Fetishists: The cultural contradictions of libertarianism by Kay Hymowitz. As you might expect, however, Ayn Rand is discussed throughout — and not in a favorable way. So if you have a few minutes, I’d very much love to see some good Objectivist comments on it in OpinionJournal’s reader responses or in posts and comments around the blogosphere. (You’re welcome to repost those comments on NoodleFood, but to simply post something in the NoodleFood comments is totally pointless, so please don’t bother.) The article is already being discussed in the blogosphere, e.g. at the Volokh Conspiracy and elsewhere. So get to it! (I’ll be able to get to it later today, I think.)

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