Two Bits of Advice

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Sep 072007

Bit of Advice #1: Paul and I recently began watching the first season of Prison Break. Admittedly, we were both a bit skeptical after the first episode, but now we’re totally hooked. We’ve watched eight episodes so far. Michael Scofield is my new favorite dark, brooding, and determined-come-what-may hero. So those of you who like 24 and The Unit might really enjoy Prison Break. (Please don’t post any spoilers in the comments.)

Bit of Advice #2: If your normally friendly cat suddenly transforms into a fiend and attempts to murder your other cat (now petrified, in desperate flight, and howling in pain), do not — and I repeat, do not — attempt to pick up the fiend cat in order to prevent him from further attacking his victim. He will not be calmed by your mere touch! I learned that lesson last night. My right forearm is no longer bloody, but it is swollen and bruised from the ferocious 1.2 second attack by his claws. (Not to worry the fiend cat is back to his normal self: he was freaked out by something outside in the dark after a traumatic day in the scary wilds outside the house.)

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