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What would Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows look like if written by other famous authors? Find out here. (The main post was written before the release of the book, so it contains no spoilers. That’s not true of the further additions in the comments, however. So don’t read the comments if you haven’t read the book yet.)

My favorite:

Tom Clancy (The Hunt For Red October, The Sum of All Fears, Rainbow 6) :

All seems lost for Harry until the Voldemort problem is brought to the attention of American President Jack Ryan, who sends the Enterprise Carrier Group to defeat the Death Eaters in a series of air strikes. Distrustful of the Ministry of Magic, Harry Potter defects to the United States where he helps Ryan get elected to his fourth term as President.

And, a priceless gem from the comments:

JRR Tolkien

Good guys win, bad guys lose. Yet, there are still 600 pages left in the book.

30 Pages of Ron going home, 40 more of Hermione going home.
Crookshanks peed on the rug, 70 pages of cleaning that up.
30 more pages while Harry goes home.
Harry doesn’t like home, goes to visit Ron. (50 more pages). They go to the mall (20).
Someone mentions Dumbledore and they talk about him… 75 more pages.

Appendix A – Entire text of ‘Hogwarts, A History’.
Appendix B – Muggles, and how they got that way.
Appendix C – A collection of songs, presented in their original Parselmouth language.
Appendix D – Detailed description of the flora and fauna of the forbidden forest.
Appendix E – Wand styles of the famous.
Appendix F – A treatise on Lucius Malfoy’s hair

Ah, I love StumbleUpon.

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