Noumenal Self Returns

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Jul 302007

Noumenal Self has returned to blogging with some interesting posts: a defense of Ayn Rand against a lengthy post by an academic arguing against human excellence and its defenders (i.e. Objectivists), an exploration of the proper response to environmental torts, and a discussion of the open nihilism of the environmental movement.

I particularly recommend his two posts (one and two) on Robert Tracinksi’s continued defense of the Iraq War. (Then again, I’m not sure that any critique could be quite so devastating as Barbara Branden’s hearty endorsement of The Intellectual Activist. As Betsy says, “In the long run you get the kind of friends — and the kind of enemies — you deserve.” So true! The advocates of a kinder, gentler, and more tolerant “Objectivism” (like Barbara Branden and Robert Bidinotto) should be expected to support those defending the ongoing sacrifice of American soldiers in an altruistic-in-design and unwinnable-as-fought war. They should be aghast at those advocating lasting victory over the enemies who actually threaten us. And so they are.)

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