A Perfect Wedding

 Posted by on 23 July 2007 at 8:25 pm  Uncategorized
Jul 232007

The deal is done! I’ve got pictures, the papers are filed with the courthouse, we’ve told the world, and she can’t back out now. ;^)

Seriously, I thought it would be nice to share with you how Tammy and I were married on the way to OCON — in Ouray on the 4th of July, under the fireworks! How perfect is that? And Colorado let us make it even more about us: we married ourselves with no officiant and no audience, without even any official witnesses of record (only the photographer and his helpers were there).

Here’s the main feature of the DVD we had playing at the big reception this past weekend, showing our journey from Boise, to Sun Valley to play a jazz concert, to Moab for a little mountainbike riding, to Ouray for the wedding itself, to Telluride for OCON, then back to Boise. (If you can’t make out enough in the low-res youtube of the video, you can skip right to the presentation of the text of the ceremony itself at 2:35.)

Now, I sleep. :^)

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