Letter Published After All

 Posted by on 18 July 2007 at 7:28 am  Health Care
Jul 182007

Hooray! My June letter to the editor was published in the Rocky Mountain News after all. It appeared in yesterday’s print edition, but you can read it (plus a ton of comments) online: Free-market medicine is the answer.

Update: Whoops, that probably made no sense whatsoever. I wrote up a post a few days ago with my letter to the Rocky Mountain News which I’d presumed wasn’t to be published after all despite a phone call from them because so much time had passed. When I wrote the above, I thought I’d published that blog post, but it was actually just in the queue. In any case, here’s text of the letter I sent to the News:

Dear Editor,

At a weekend rally in Denver, filmmaker Michael Moore advocated the total government takeover of medicine with heartbreaking tales of peoples’ medical disasters (“

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