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Aug 282002

The raw, unedited audiotapes of my lectures to the 2002 Summer Seminar of The Objectivist Center are now available from TOC Live! I’m proud to say that I heard rave reviews of my lectures from more people than I could count. (I was even told that my “Objectivism 101″ course was the best introduction to Objectivism ever heard.)

Objectivism 101
Price: $81.00 (six tapes)

Ayn Rand’s novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged offer a unique and inspiring moral vision, but translating those ideals into daily life can be a challenge. Through a mixture of lecture and discussion, Diana Hsieh will survey the basic principles of Objectivism, from metaphysics to aesthetics. She will focus on both the theory and practice of the philosophy, contrasting it with common religious and cultural views. Ideas discussed in these six sessions will include reason as the only means to knowledge, the integration of mind and body, the choice to think or not, emotions as automatic value judgments, life as the standard of value, the major virtues, the trader principle, capitalism, and much more.

White Lies, Black Lies
Price: $13.50 (one tape)

Honesty is widely regarded as one of the most important virtues in our culture, yet people routinely lie in order to be polite, conceal their misdeeds, protect their privacy, and manipulate others. In this lecture, Diana Hsieh examines the complex issue of when, if ever, it is moral for a person to lie. She will examine the motivations for lying, the traditional Objectivist arguments for truthfulness, other good arguments for truthfulness found in philosophical literature, as well as strategies Objectivists can employ to develop a deeply-engrained commitment to truthfulness.

These tapes won’t be available for long, so buy them sooner rather than later!

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