E-mail Only, Please

 Posted by on 1 July 2007 at 5:24 pm  Uncategorized
Jul 012007

Please do not send me messages via the messaging systems of web sites like FaceBook, ObjectivismOnline, and the like. I cannot stand to use them: I want all my messaging in one place, with one interface, and one archive. I have a very public and stable e-mail address — [email protected] — so please use that instead.

I do try to post warnings to the above effect on my personal pages on these various forums, but that’s a hassle to do. I’ve not yet done it on FaceBook, so I’ve gotten two messages in the past few days that I had to (1) click through on the link in the e-mail alert, (2) log in to FaceBook, (3) reply to the message by telling the person to e-mail me. That’s a huge pain, although not as much of a pain as conducting a conversation on those systems would be! It’s certainly not the fault of the person messaging me since they’re unaware of my preferences, but I do get annoyed by the hassle of it all nonetheless.

So… please use e-mail to contact me. I’m going to go put a warning on FaceBook now.

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