Why I’m So Cool, Reason #392

 Posted by on 29 June 2007 at 8:24 pm  Uncategorized
Jun 292007

I bought myself an iPhone today.

Yup, that’s NoodleFood on the screen!

  • >:)

    hi do you remember me you blocked comments in april 2011 because apparently you didn’t like what i had to say which i found extremely offensive and i know a lot of people with iphones who aren’t cool so your reason doesnt even work

  • >:)

    also i would like to see your other 391 reasons hopefully they are much more well thought out than this one

  • Angela

    May I please have the link to your other 391 reasons?

  • Curious

    Where is your last name from it looks foreign lls


    i bet ur lying i bet u only have 3 reasons y ur kool stop lyin 2 the ppl diana we no ur secrits


    ur iphone is a 3rd generation LOLOL those are like free cuz nobody wants them anymore

  • Carlos

    Almost eight years later, do you still believe this post is relatable or has society’s mindset shifted so drastically that the excitement of buying an iPhone is archaic?

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