Cryptic Report on Front Sight

 Posted by on 28 August 2002 at 8:49 am  Uncategorized
Aug 282002

Some of you might be wondering how the Front Sight Ambassador meeting went. Let me simply say that the business strategy is brilliant, but that the Kool-Aid was awfully expensive and not very tasty.

In any case, their new non-firearms self-defense classes (starting in October) are definitely of interest to me, as firearms are forbidden anywhere (including in vehicles) on the CU Boulder campus. But those courses will have a wait a bit, as Paul and I are already slated to return for the Defensive Handgun course in late October.

One last note: Absolutely everyone who owns or carries a firearm for self-defense ought to go to Front Sight for training — as soon as possible. In my experience, local training courses pale in comparison to Front Sight. And when you decide to go to Front Sight for the first time, you should contact me first as I can offer a substantial discount.

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