More Upgrades

 Posted by on 6 April 2002 at 10:17 pm  Uncategorized
Apr 062002

Although working within the constraints of Blogger was a challenge, I have managed to create a cool new program that prints an integrated list of the latest comments, formatted either by blog entry or by date. Miraculously enough, both blog entry titles and links are displayed! So now it’s much easier to check for new comments. And recent comments on older blog entries aren’t buried in the bowels of NoodleFood. Hooray!

This cool little bit of programming only works with my custom comments scripts, particularly my datafile format. It also requires some (non-visible) changes to the Blogger template and a bit of server setup. I’ll probably have a version of this comment software available for public consumption in the next few weeks. I’ll make Paul my first test subject. (Come to think of it, the methodology I used to grab the blog entry titles and URLs could be easily used to generate XML too…)

And now back to our regularly scheduled philosophy programming…

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