Canada Rediscovers the Benefits of Slavery

 Posted by on 13 August 2002 at 6:42 am  Uncategorized
Aug 132002

According to this news story Quebec is primed to pass legislation mandating when and where doctors must work. Quebec, unlike other provinces, is unwilling to pay the monetary incentives needed to fill the less desirable time slots. So instead, they are proposing $5,000 fines if doctors refuse to work where they are told.

The most mind boggling bit was this:

Health Minister Francois Legault said doctors can’t always be allowed to choose when and where they want to work.

“By counting on the good faith of doctors, we always managed until now to fill all the emergency-room shifts in necessary spots,” Legault told the legislature.

“That’s not possible anymore. So a new approach is needed.”

Well my Canadian friends, slavery isn’t exactly a new approach.

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