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May 052007

Just last night, I set up a mailing list for Objectivist bloggers on my otherwise unused OList.com domain. The list has no grand purpose: its only goal is to facilitate communication between Objectivist bloggers on issues like upcoming events, posts of interests, best blogging practices, and the like.

To join the list, you must be a semi-active blogger — or intend to become one shortly. You must also be an Objectivist, meaning that you agree with and live by the principles of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.

As far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t require that you endorse or support the Ayn Rand Institute, nor that you agree with any particular Objectivist intellectual in ongoing debates. However, it does require that you refrain from supporting, endorsing, or associating with those who actively distort Ayn Rand’s life and ideas, most notably David Kelley, Chris Sciabarra, and Barbara and Nathaniel Branden. Also, if you’ve treated Leonard Peikoff or other worthy Objectivist intellectuals with contempt in the recent debates about the election, please don’t subscribe.

(Those criteria will exclude some people I regard as reasonable, intelligent, and decent folk from the list. So unless you already know that I hate your guts, please don’t take your exclusion personally. If you’re wondering, you’re welcome to inquire!)

To subscribe to the list, visit the main page for [email protected]. If I’m not already familiar with you and your blog, please drop me a note with the URL.

Update: I should mention that you don’t have to blog about Objectivism to join the list. You just have to be an Objectivist who blogs.

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