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Aug 082002

Yes yes, I know that I’ve been away for ages. I was gone for over a week for my sister’s lovely and wonderful wedding. Since I returning home last week, I’ve been busy getting myself organized with the excellent advice of The Time Trap. I’ve also been immersed in the hairy details of researching, test driving, and purchasing a small SUV, a Mazda Tribute. Since I’ve been gone so long, here are some miscellaneous URLs of possible interest:

  • This rather interesting article details why McGill University rejected an endowed Ayn Rand Chair. If the university is being honest about their reasons, then it seems that they made the right decision. In contrast, UT Austin’s solution of a temporary fellowship seems like a good one.
  • The Independent Women’s Forum sports a good article on battered women and guns. The opening stories of the gross negligence of some police in failing to prevent crimes in progress made my skin crawl!
  • You should be grateful for this commercial plug: I absolutely adore my long-distance company, ZoneLD. I get 4.5 cents per minute with no monthly fees and automatic billing of my credit card. So I thought I should share the love!

    That’s all for now. I’ll be posting my OWL post on privacy and honesty later tonight.

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