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Apr 122007

Much to my delight, on Tuesday I found out that I’ll be teaching just one section of “Introduction to Philosophy” in the fall. It’ll be from 12:30 to 1:45 pm with 25 or so students.

I’ve not taught that course before, so I’m definitely looking forward to constructing it. As with the three sections of Ethics that I’ve taught over the past year, it’s wholly my own class. So once again, I’ll probably create my own course packet. (I’m a GTPI — a Graduate Part-Time Instructor — no longer in the special limbo of teaching purgatory reserved for TAs.)

Happily, it’s precisely the course that I wanted to teach. (My other alternative was to teach applied ethics (i.e. “Philosophy and Society”), but I’m pretty sick of teaching ethics. Even better, the class in the middle of the day, not at 8:00 am! I’ve taught at that abominably early hour both semesters this past year, meaning that I must drag myself out of bed to commute the hour to Boulder at 5 am. That’s damn unnatural behavior for me. I swore that I’d teach German Phenomenology, a subject about which I know absolutely nothing, before teaching at 8 am again.

And best of all, until just recently, I thought GTPIs taught a four course load each year of 25 – 35 students each class. So I thought I only taught a single section last semester because it was my first semester teaching. However, as it turns out, we only have a three course load each year, so I’ll always have one semester of teaching just one course. That’s delightful news!

As an aside, we’re supposed to get about a foot of snow over the next 24 hours. Seriously.

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