It’s Here!

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Mar 272007

My copy of The Objective Standard just arrived in the mail today. Woo Hoo!

On a totally random note, Paul just reminded me that he was #30 in the country in the Putnam Exam in his senior year of college. (He was a math major at MIT.) Our conversation immediately thereafter went as follows:

Diana: Wow, you’re smart!

Paul: I told you I was smart!

Heh. I love that kind of silliness.

At the time, Paul and I were actually talking about our seemingly strong compatibility as bridge partners. Apparently husband-wife teams are pretty rare in bridge due to the tendency to argue over hands. Paul and I never do that — or least we’ve never done that yet. The only issue for us is equality of skills — and we have that in bridge, although not in tennis, skiing, or math puzzles. So long as we’re basically equal in skills, then however the other person might screw up, it’s darn clear that we’re liable to do something equally stupid sometime soon. That makes anything more than temporary annoyance unwise!

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