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Mar 142007

Thursday, also known as tomorrow for a few more hours, is the deadline for early registration for the 2007 OCON, to be held from July 6th to 15th in lovely Telluride, Colorado.

The program looks excellent. Obviously, I’m hugely excited about Leonard Peikoff’s six lectures on “The DIM Hypothesis,” as well as many of the other general lectures. As for optional courses, I generally choose them first by expected quality of content, then by topic, then by fun. Expected quality of content is based on the reputation of the speaker with me based on prior lectures I’ve heard, whether live or on tape. As for topic, I tend toward the more philosophical topics, for obvious reasons. As for fun, some lecturers are particularly delightful to see live, e.g. John Lewis, Robert Mayhew, Yaron Brook.

Here’s what Paul and I are taking this year. We’re totally overlapped, except that I’m opting for Robert Mayhew over Yaron Brook.


  • The Science of Selfishness by Craig Biddle
  • American Slavery, American Freedom by C. Bradley Thompson


  • Two, Three, Four and All That by Pat Corvini
  • Plato’s Laws by Robert Mayhew (Diana)
  • The Corporation by Yaron Brook (Paul)


  • Atlas Shrugged as a Work of Philosophy by Greg Salmieri.


  • The Meaning of Victory: 1945 by John Lewis

    I’m nearly certain that I’ll order The Scientific Revolution by David Harriman and The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant (part 1 of 3): Kant’s Theoretical Philosophy by Jason Rheins on CD. I just can’t fit them into my schedule. My head would explode if I tried take more than three optional courses per session again.

    Also, Property Rights in American History by Eric Daniels is sure to be a phenomenal course. However, I won’t need it, since I’m in the middle of a full-year “History of Capitalism” course with Eric right now. Simply due to time alone, his OCON course will be a drop in the bucket compared to the two-and-half hours I’ve been enjoying every week for this academic year. (Yes, you should be turning green with envy! But remember, you can audit the course. It’s a bargain, given what you’re getting.)

    Please post a note in the comments if you plan to attend OCON this year!

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