Coverage of John Lewis’ Cancelled GMU Talk

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Mar 142007

The cancellation of John Lewis’ lecture at George Mason University has gotten some generally favorable press.

  • The AP carried a story: Professor’s Invitation At GMU Pulled, Muslim Complaints
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education had a very good article with some hefty quotes from Dr. Lewis’ excellent article “No Substitute for Victory,” but the link will only be good for another day or so: Scholar Who Calls for War on Iran Loses a Speaking Gig at George Mason but May Get Another
  • Virginia’s Daily Press published an op-ed that mentioned the incident, albeit stupidly: It Says a Lot

    It’s also been noted in the blogosphere. For example:

  • SCSU Scholars: Where are your papers, young student?
  • Jihad Watch: Dhimmitude at George Mason University
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