Jesus Camp and Friends of God

 Posted by on 11 March 2007 at 7:46 am  Religion
Mar 112007

The documentary Jesus Camp is now available on DVD. (It’s now at the top of my NetFlix queue.)

John Stark just forwarded me this scary clip from it. In it, I learned that PowerPoint problems are the work of the Devil. (Seriously. These nutters prayed over their electronic equipment, including in tongues.) I was more seriously disturbed to see a young child — probably about seven years old — speaking shamefully of his occasional lack of belief in the Bible.

I wasn’t at all surprised to see all the pro-Bush political activism from the pulpit, particularly from Ted Haggard. I suspect that his gay-sex-and-drugs scandal has put something of a damper on Christian evangelical designs for political change in America. They need to clean their own house before they can continue to self-righteously clean ours.

The second clip was from the documentary Friends of God. It begins with a traveling minister preaching against evolution and for creation. “The Bible is the History Book of the Universe.” He is teaching about “the authority of Scripture.” We should trust God, not the scientist, he warns. Yet the rank-and-file were quite determined to cloak themselves in the veneer of “creation science.” (I guess they don’t trust God and His Scripture that much!)

They are right about one thing: The Bible demands that we shut down all questions, all doubts, all thought. We lowly humans ought do nothing more than believe and obey.

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