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Mar 092007

Craig Biddle just sent out the table of contents for the upcoming Spring 2007 issue of The Objective Standard. Here it is:

  • From the Editor
  • Letters and Replies
  • “The ‘Forward Strategy’ for Failure” by Yaron Brook and Elan Journo
  • “The Rise and Fall of Ancient Greek Justice: Homer to the Sermon on the Mount” by Robert Mayhew
  • “Induction and Experimental Method” by David Harriman
  • “Egoism Explained: A Review of Tara Smith’s Ayn Rand’s Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist” by Diana Hsieh

Wow, fancy that last article! What a surprise! (If this post is the first you’ve heard of it, you’re not alone. I told just a very few people about it, even once publication was certain. That was precisely so that I could enjoy foisting this little surprise on my NoodleFood readers.)

Here’s how Craig Biddle describes my review in his editor’s note:

Finally, in “Egoism Explained,” Diana Hsieh reviews Tara Smith’s latest book, Ayn Rand’s Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist, and finds it to be a welcome addition to the existing literature on the Objectivist ethics–and a sizable challenge for critics of egoism.

That’s exactly right. In editing my review, Craig did rightly excise some substantial discussions of side-issues. I’ll post those here on NoodleFood, when I have a moment to spruce them up a bit.

Also, as a delightful coincidence, Tara Smith’s excellent book will soon be available as a $25.99 paperback, not just as a $63.80 hardcover. That cheaper paperback is available for pre-order from Amazon; it’s scheduled for release on April 30th.

The article will not be freely available on the web. So regarding subscriptions, the fine Mr. Biddle notes:

If you had a one-year subscription that began with the inaugural issue (i.e., Spring 2006), then the Winter 2006–2007 issue was the fourth and final issue in your subscription. Don’t miss the Spring issue; it mails in just a few days! There are three quick and easy ways to renew:

1. Renew online by clicking here.

2. Print and fax (or mail) our PDF order form.

3. Or call us toll free at 800-423-6151.

If you’ve not yet subscribed to TOS, now is the time to act. While supplies last, you can still begin your subscription with the inaugural issue. Subscribe today and receive the first full year of the journal all at once, followed by the Spring 2007 issue a few days later. Or start your subscription with whichever issue you like; just let us know your preference.

All in all, I’m really quite honored to be included in an issue of such sure-to-be fabulous articles.

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