Mar 052007

My new iPod arrived today. It’s the 4 GB blue iPod Nano. It’s fantastically sleek. (It even arrived in its own fabulously tiny little box!)

Since the death-by-high-velocity-impact-with-concrete of my 4th Generation iPod some ages ago, I’ve been struggling to listen to lectures and audiobooks on my screenless iPod Shuffle. Although the Shuffle has been delightfully sturdy, I finally grew tired of being unable to navigate intelligently through its files. The problem was that I couldn’t use it to listen to more than one lecture or book at a time, as it was all too easy to lose my place in blind confusion if I tried to listen to more than just one file at a time. Since I’m always listening to at least one book or lecture at a time, I couldn’t use it to listen to music except on rare occasion. That was frustrating.

I’ll probably still use my Shuffle for its original purpose of exercise, particularly since it is so sturdy. Yes, I do mostly listen to books and lectures while I run, not music. I’m just that geeky — or something. (Since Paul also often listens to lectures while he runs, we often joke about “running with Leonard” or “running with Tara” or “running with Yaron.” I know, I know, it’s silly.)

More importantly, I’ve started running again! (I stopped with Paul sprained his ankle in Los Angeles last fall.) Even though I’m in good shape from all my other exercise, it’ll take me a few weeks to get back to the point of comfortably running six miles. If my joints can handle it, I’d like to run longer distances.

Okay, enough of that ramble. It’s time to play with my Nano some more.

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