Five Year Blogiversary

 Posted by on 4 March 2007 at 8:31 am  Uncategorized
Mar 042007

I have been blogging for five years as of today: My first blog posts were on March 4th, 2002. I’m amazed that I’ve been blogging for so long — and that so much has changed. (Not counting this post, I’ve posted 2015 entries. That’s an average of 403 per year.)

I should have baked myself a cake or something; instead, I’m bringing yummy chickens to roast for the pot-luck dinner after our bridge lesson. (Have I mentioned that Paul and I have taken up bridge? It’s the most interesting — and most difficult — card game ever. We’ve been taking private lessons with three other couples. We’ll be interested in playing bridge at OCON, provided that we can find the time.)

In any case, five years!!!

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