Fire Them All!

 Posted by on 16 July 2002 at 10:56 am  Uncategorized
Jul 162002

Shame on the State Department for their complicity with totalitarian governments in oppressing innocent American citizens. Amjad Radwan is an adult American citizen who was taken to Saudi Arabia as a child. She wishes to leave, but is unable to do so, thanks to the American Embassy’s “Sure I’ll bend over and drop my pants” approach to the Saudi government.

So with a State Department like ours, precisely what is the point of citizenship?!? Fire all the bastards, starting with Colin Powell.

From what I’ve read, much of the lack of responsiveness to these cases stems from promise of lucrative jobs with the host country after these officials leave the State Department. So why piss off your future employer for the sake of some individual person? Obviously, this situation creates huge conflicts of interest. Perhaps some limits on who former State Department employees can work for are in order?

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