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Jan 232007

Hooray! The schedule for the 2007 OCON in Telluride, Colorado has been posted.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the conference will be Leonard Peikoff’s six lectures on “The DIM Hypothesis”:

Dr. Peikoff’s forthcoming book, The DIM Hypothesis, identifies three different modes of integration, i.e., of interrelating concretes, such as individual percepts, facts, choices, etc. The book then demonstrates the power of these three modes in shaping Western culture and history.

In his lectures, Dr. Peikoff presents and explains six of the chapters in his twelve-chapter book. The first three, dealing with epistemology, explain why there are only three possible interpretations of integration (symbolized by the acronym DIM), and which philosopher is the source of each. The second three illustrate the power of the DIM hypothesis to reveal the anatomy of Western culture, by considering the trends prevalent in literature, education and politics since the Renaissance.

Students will receive well in advance a highly detailed outline of the material. Each lecture will be followed by a question-and-answer period.

This course will not be a repetition of his earlier course by the same name, now available for free from ARI’s web site. In fact, I’d highly recommend that first course as preparation for this summer’s course.

I’m also very excited by some of the optional courses, but I’ll blog about those later.

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