Change of Plans

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Dec 292006

Well, I won’t be attending the Ayn Rand Society meeting (at the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting) today as planned. I was particularly looking forward to it since it was an “Author Meets Critics” session for Tara Smith’s new book, Ayn Rand’s Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist.

While in Maryland visiting my family the past few days, I grew increasingly worried about the reports of a major snowstorm approaching Denver: not just one to two feet of snow (again!) but winds up to 40 miles per hour and temperatures in the teens. I was seriously worried that Paul would get stuck at work (after his night shift) and Melissa (our in-neighborhood housesitter) would be unable to get to the house. With the high winds, I worried that my mare Tara might really suffer (if not die) without regular attention. (She’s far less hardy than Jackson — and both suffered in the last snowstorm.)

So yesterday morning, I decided to change my flight so as to return home to Colorado as soon as possible. To my amazement, that worked: I arrived in Denver at 4:15 pm. The snow wasn’t bad when I began driving at around 5:00 pm, but after my two and a half hour drive home (normally 50 minutes), the roads were as bad as I’ve ever driven. (My car, a four-wheel-drive Mazda Tribute, performed fabulously.) The snow continues to fall, although it’s fairly light at the moment. According to the news, the roads are in generally good condition. Paul can’t get home yet though, since the last mile and a half to our house hasn’t been plowed yet. It’s a road with steep hills and sharp turns, so his four-wheel-drive wouldn’t be sufficient to navigate it safely, I don’t think.

I hope the Ayn Rand Society meeting goes well. I’d love to hear reports of the discussion from anyone who attends!

Update: Hooray! I just walked down the driveway to Rainbow Creek Road. It’s more plowed than I thought, so Paul is headed home!

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