Question: The Third World

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Dec 282006

I’ve been quite behind in posting my various “Questions for NoodleFood.” On the principle of “better late than never,” here’s one:

what would ayn rands’ answer be re people in developing countries like south africa who have no income at all for reasons beyond their control,who require medical treatment, but can’t afford even a token payment? also what about education for there children? i’ve tried hard to find the answer to this question in her writings, but am still no wiser. as an admirer of her ideas,i would like someone to give me an answer. could someone e/mail me to fall[email protected] i’d realy appreciate it.

My quick answer:

Ayn Rand’s answer to your question would be the same as for any other question of charity. If individuals wish to freely donate their time and money to help such people, that’s their right. They ought not do so at the price of their own welfare or happiness, nor are they morally obliged to do anything to help someone simply due to that person’s need. One person’s need is not a claim on the wealth or resources of another person.

In any case, the condition of the third world will not change with some alms from the first world. To thrive, the third world needs capitalism, i.e. governments that secure the freedom of individuals to act upon their own independent, rational judgment for the sake of their own lives and happiness.

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