Naked Animals

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Dec 262006

Wow, I must admit that I never imagined the following scenario as a consequence of the claim of equality between humans and other animals.

DEAR ABBY: Am I a “sicko” because I step out of the shower naked in front of our dog? My wife thinks so. The trouble started when we got a female dog, “Taffy,” from the local animal shelter. Taffy sleeps in our bedroom and is there in the morning when I take my shower.

My wife insists that I cover up in front of the dog and that Taffy is no different from a child. This has created a lot of stress between us because, to me, a dog is a dog. Is it wrong to be naked in front of a dog? — IN THE DOGHOUSE, TEMECULA, CALIF.

DEAR IN THE DOGHOUSE: Even though many people treat their dogs like children, the fact remains that dogs are canines — not homo sapiens. Your wife appears to be either jealous or have an overactive imagination. It is no more wrong for a human to be naked in the presence of a dog than it is for a dog to be naked in the presence of a human.

Really, that’s just freaky.

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