Dec 202006

In a recent blog post on Rule of Reason, Nick Provenzo notes that the op-eds of Robert Tracinski posted on ARI’s web site now appear with the following note in the tagline: “Robert W. Tracinski is no longer associated with the Ayn Rand Institute–neither as a writer nor as a speaker.”

I agree wholeheartedly with Nick’s sentiments about the change:

Objectivists are often criticized for their public break-ups, but I think being forthright when a relationship ends is the more honest approach. Reality demands an unflinching dedication to the truth, including the fact that some relationships deserve to end.

In my opinion, Tracinski has publicly embraced a theory of history that rejects the importance of Objectivism and principled consistency in defining and defending the long term good. As such, it would be dishonest to claim that he continues to be a public advocate for Ayn Rand’s philosophy. If the end of Tracinski’s association with ARI was brought on by his recent thinking, I am glad for it, for it would be an honest end to recent events.

If I can manage the time, I’d like to write a post or two on Robert Tracinski’s significant departures from basic principles of Objectivism in recent years. In particular, I have much to say about his switch from rationalism to empiricism in his view of the role of philosophy in human life found in his not-yet-finished “What Went Right” series. At the moment, however, I’m intensely busy with real work. If I can find the time though, I’ll write what I can.

(And speaking of terminated relationships, I won’t be posting further on SoloPassion for the reasons detailed in this post.)

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