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Jul 102002

My horses have returned! Hooray! Order and balance has returned to Chez Hsieh! (For those of you who don’t get the joke, “Chez” and “Hsieh” are basically pronounced identically.)

As usual, Jackson seemed unperturbed at the move back home; he just wanted to know where grain could be found. Tara was a bit more disturbed at the change of scenery, but she seems to have settled back into the routine just fine.

(A bit of history: Mike Paul was kind enough to keep the horses at his farm until our return from California. We didn’t want our housesitter to have to deal with evacuating the horses in the unlikely event that the Hayman fire flared up again.)

Once I’ve recovered from my seminar sleep deficit, I’ll be able to get Tara going again. Yeah!

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