Not Just Wrong, But Scary

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Nov 172006

Jack Wakeland, frequently contributor to TIA Daily, just crossed the line into really damn scary:

The injustices under Kelo and other draconian regulatory orders that dispossess and ruin individuals always wakes the fury in me. When I read about these legalized crimes, I can feel the grip of my AR-15 in the palm of my hand, smell the cleaning solvent (I keep ‘em clean), see the front sight settling on the target (some bureaucrat, judge, or neighbor’s head) and the cool pressure of the trigger against the center of the last pad of my finger…

It is a good thing that I have never been in the position of victim in one of the state-sponsored crimes. If I were financially ruined and could not get a hearng and just compensation, I would serious consider becoming a murderer. I would consider it because I know I’d be in the right. Killing a regulator who does not answer to the will of the people is justice.

It is the full measure of the evil of regulation that one could reach such a conclusion in (supposedly) civil society. Regulation is the end of the rule of law, representative government, free speech, and society itself. It is dictatorship and when one cannot remove a dictorship by peaceful intimidation, one makes war on it.

I’m absolutely horrified. Even onerous government regulations do not justify armed rebellion, let alone the cold-blooded murder of fellow citizens — not while bad laws might still be fought by peaceful means.

With those comments, Mr. Wakeland declared himself to be a grave potential threat to law-abiding citizens. I can only hope that he is treated accordingly.

Update: Mr. Wakeland has apologized for his remarks here.

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