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Oct 182006

I’m famous! I was quoted in the cover story of Impact on the fifth anniversary of the Objectivist Academic Center:

A recent graduate of the OAC undergraduate program, Diana Hsieh, reflected on the program’s value to her: “When I entered the OAC, I was acutely aware that my understanding of Objectivism was insufficient for serious scholarly work in philosophy. Happily, the education I received at the OAC exceeded my wildest hopes. I didn’t merely learn new skills, principles, and integrations in my OAC classes, but also cleared up countless rationalistic confusions in my understanding of Objectivism, many of which were unknown to me. Thanks to the OAC, I made a huge leap forward in my understanding of Objectivism. I will be a better philosopher, and a better person, as a result.”

Lin Zinser of Front Range Objectivism was also quoted on the back story on auditing Dr. Onkar Ghate’s excellent course “Seminar on Ayn Rand’s Philosophy of Objectivism.”

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