An Unexpected Twist

 Posted by on 3 April 2002 at 10:41 pm  Uncategorized
Apr 032002

Best of the Web today notes:

“Egypt announced Wednesday it was limiting diplomatic contacts with Israel,” the Associated Press reports. Though Cairo did not sever diplomatic ties, it did say its relations with the Jewish state would be limited to those that “serve the Palestinian cause.” Egypt gets some $2 billion in foreign aid each year from the U.S., premised upon its peace with the Jewish state. This seems an opportune moment for Washington to turn off the spigot.

I have wondered whether another all-out war by the Arab states against Israel was forthcoming. In such circumstances, I would have guessed that Egypt would remain neutral, prior to reading this news tidbit. Now I suspect that the more moderate nations like Egypt and Jordan might join in such a war. Well, they’ll get their asses kicked, just as they deserve.

Tonight, Paul and I went to see Yaron Brook’s talk The Moral Case for Supporting Israel. It was a great talk, very much worth catching if Brook comes to your part of the world.

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