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Sep 052006

Three fun bits of news from Powell History:


It has definitely been one of the highlights of my intellectual career thus far to have as one of my students former Latin teacher turned comedian Teller (of Penn & Teller)! As students of Session 4 of “A First History for Adults” have learned, Teller is not nearly as quiet as his television and stage persona would indicate! In fact, Teller has regaled the class with his commentary and with especially incisive write-ups of each lecture as the session has proceeded. To learn what Teller has to say about Powell History, you’re welcome to read his most gracious testimonial at: Thank you Teller!

Teller’s testimonial is really lovely. Scott’s innovative method of teaching history speaks volumes about the power of the Objectivist epistemology. Unlike most people, he’s not focused upon its obvious applications, but using its more subtle features to teach history far better than I’ve ever seen before. That’s really impressive — and very exciting, I think. Just imagine what else might be done.


Another of Powell History’s most ardent supporters has been Diana Hsieh of “Noodle Food” fame. Diana’s enthusiastic support of Powell History on her very popular blog ( has generated some great referrals, and may soon see Diana attending future sessions of “A First History for Adults” for free! (As per previous e-mail announcement, I’ve expanded my “Referral Rewards” program to $50/referral. That means that if someone becomes a Powell History client as a result of your personal recommendation, you get $50 off your next Powell History class! And there’s no limit to the number of referral rewards. It now pays even more to generate clientele for Powell History!) Thank you Diana!

Woohoo! It’s my pleasure… not just for the discount, but because I’m delighted to be able to use NoodleFood to promote the good — as opposed to merely bashing the bad.


If you’ve been, reading the constant stream of testimonials from current students (, and you’ve been on the verge of signing up for your own session of “A First History for Adults,” do not delay any longer! The LAST offering of Part 1: The Story of America starts September 19. If you’ve ever wanted to truly learn history for yourself–not merely listen to historians tell you what they know, then take this opportunity now! Registration is open, at And if you’re sure that you’ve got American history perfectly integrated, then you’ll be happy to hear that pre-registration is also open for 1HFA2-1 (Europe, Context and Foil), starting early next year! If you’re a new student to Powell History and you sign up before October, you will qualify for a $25 discount on tuition!)

If you can squeeze out the time and money, you don’t want to miss this last opportunity.

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