Strange Acronym, Great Course

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Aug 302006

The Ayn Rand Institute‘s Objectivism Academic Center is officially accepting registrations to audit the excellent year-long teleconference course on Objectivism taught by Dr. Onkar Ghate, i.e. the “Seminar On Ayn Rand’s Philosophy Of Objectivism” or SARPO. Classes are recorded and made available on the web, so you don’t need to block off your schedule for the whole academic year. The cost is $1000 for both semesters. That’s a steal for 26 weeks of a three-hour class taught by Dr. Ghate! I took the course two years ago. It was truly superb.

For more information, see this page. Classes will begin soon — and space is limited. So don’t delay!

Update: I fixed the number of sessions, as per Greg Perkins’ comment. Also, if you want to know more about how auditing works, you should contact Lin Zinser at [email protected].

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