The Poor Professor

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Aug 272006

Professors live in fear of bad course evaluations from students. One poor fellow finally did the unthinkable:

Professor Pressured To Sleep With Student For Good Course Evaluation

FAYETTEVILLE, AR — Alan Gilchrist, an associate professor of English literature at the University of Arkansas infamous for his tough grading standards and dry lecturing style, was coerced into sleeping with an undergraduate on Monday in order to earn a good course evaluation. “My tenure’s on the line here, so I allowed a student to take advantage of me,” said an emotional Gilchrist of the experience, which he hopes will earn him at least six “very much enjoyed” responses on the eight-item evaluation form. “I told myself it would be just this once, and that it would be over soon, and that it wouldn’t be that bad, but I was used. And I can’t stop showering.” Sources said that the unidentified student is one of the most popular and charismatic on campus, raising questions about possible abuse of power.

Yes, that’s from The Onion. (Via TJ Orson Olson, although I first heard about it from Robert Mayhew.)

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