Most Murderous Civilization?

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Aug 192006

Thanks to my “Ayn Rand” Google News Alert, I ran across this article by some doomsday environmentalist. I didn’t read the whole article; I didn’t have the stomach for that after reading this paragraph:

Before I read Derrick Jensen’s “End Game,” I was a “type A” pessimist. I believed humanity had had its “run,” now Atlas would “shrug” in a way Ayn Rand never dared imagine, and in a few thousand, maybe even a few hundred years life would begin anew. But having read “End Game,” I realize it’s not “humanity” that’s the problem, merely “civilization,” which unfortunately, in its brief 6,000 years (humanity’s been around for about 150,000 years), managed to usurp the cultures and traditions and land bases of nearly all of humanity. Before “civilization” (which includes any society living beyond its means, or “land base,” as Jensen defines it, East and West, from China to Sumer to Egypt, Rome, Britain and the perhaps the most murderous, most wasteful civilization ever to have existed, the United States) and even during, even now, primitive cultures have lived on the same land base, followed the same culture and traditions for thousands of years and would have continued had not civilization, specifically European civilization, violently colonized the planet over the past 500 years.

The United States is “perhaps the most murderous… civilization ever to have existed”? Most so than Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia? So where are all the hundreds of millions that we’ve slaughtered?

The psycho-epistemology of a person who could make that claim is unimaginable: his words must have no concrete meaning for him whatsoever.

Oh, and as for his condemnation of civilization, perhaps I’ll start a non-profit group to save these poor souls from the corruption of human civilization. Money would be raised to ship these environmentalists off to some remote island to experience the degrading and exhausting hardship of life in harmony with nature. No money would be made available for return trips.

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