More Walls Around Rome

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Aug 112006

A letter to the editor from ARI’s Debi Ghate on the terror plot discovered yesterday:

Dear Editor:

If termites are weakening a home’s foundation, what do we do? We call the exterminator and eliminate the problem. If armed robbers are at our doors trying to break their way in, what do we do? We defend ourselves to the best of our abilities until the authorities arrive to eliminate the threat.

If Islamic totalitarians come close to murdering hundreds of people by mixing common household materials to blow up airplanes, what do we do? Apparently, we stop carrying liquids and gels in our carry-on luggage.

What should we do? We should insist that our government eliminate the real source of the problem decisively and quickly. Islamic totalitarian groups such as Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, and the countries supporting them such as Iran and Syria, are hell-bent on attacking Americans. They will not stop unless we make it impossible for them to function or regroup. Their infrastructure and support networks have to be permanently disabled as quickly as possible in whatever way our military recommends. A drawn-out, five-year “War on Terror” where we help build roads, plants and hospitals in the Middle East only strengthens the resolve of our enemies.

And they’ll keep trying to blow up planes in the meantime.

Debi Ghate

Copyright (c) 2006 Ayn Rand(R) Institute. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

As John Lewis has observed, these defensive measures against terrorism are like building walls around Rome, the city that was once so powerful that it needed no walls to protect it from the barbarians.

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