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Aug 092006

For those of you who haven’t seen Dr. Yaron Brook’s fantastic “State of ARI” presentation (or even haven’t seen it lately), you’ll want to check out the just-updated “About ARI page on the Ayn Rand Institute’s web site. It lays out the essentials of that “State of ARI” talk, summarizing ARI’s overall strategy and particular programs. While I’m always delighted to see such a small organization doing so much, keep in mind that this text version is no substitute for the excitement of seeing the full talk live and in person.

Also, for those of you who saw Dr. Brook give the latest version of “State of ARI” at OCON, you’ll notice a new program under “Going Forward”:

Expansion of ARI’s campaign to promote a U.S. foreign policy of self-interest. This effort will entail a significant expansion of our advocacy work on college campuses, in public forums, through the print and electronic media, and with policymakers and academics.


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