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Jul 312006

Fred Weiss, reckless violator of the divine NoodleFood comment protocol, just posted this announcement:

I just found out that Hugh Laurie, the star of House, M.D., will be interviewed on “Inside the Actors Studio” tonight (Monday) at 8:00PM EST. on the Bravo channel. Sorry for the short notice but I just found out about it myself.

However don’t despair if you miss it tonight. First it will be repeated again on 8/5 and Bravo also regularly repeats episodes.

If you have TIVO, put it on your “Wish List”.

For his off-topic comment, Fred is hereby ordered to say at least “Hail Meatball” prayers confessing his sinful nature to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Update: Did anyone guess that I’ve been working on notes for my class on Divine Command Theory for my fall “Introduction to Ethics” course today?

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