The Truth Emerges

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Jul 252006

A few days ago, I read a Christian Science Monitor article on Taiwanese men marrying foreign women to serve as traditional wives, since Taiwanese women are increasingly uninterested in that restrictive role. Since Paul’s family is from Taiwan, I sent him the following e-mail:

Now I know the truth! You married me because you couldn’t find a properly submissive Taiwanese wife willing to bear your children and care for your aging parents!

Oh, and I’m sick and tired of your mother criticizing how I wash your clothes! And caring only for our sons! I’m running away!

Paul wrote back, “Quit complaining and do the dishes…” Heh.

(Just for the record, Paul’s parents are lovely people, not meddlesome in the slightest. We have neither sons nor daughters. I wouldn’t dream of doing Paul’s laundry. And I don’t even wash dishes unless Paul is away!)

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