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Jul 242006

An announcement from Powell History:

For readers of [Powell History Recommends Newsletter] that have children, or who know homeschoolers or parents who would like to have their children learn history properly, I’m thrilled to be able to officially inform you for the “Remote History Program” of the VanDamme Academy, beginning this fall! This program, an integration of the unmatched VanDamme Academy History curriculum and the delivery platform developed by Powell History, will make it possible for students anywhere in the world to enjoy the story of man’s past. Please see the VanDamme Academy website for more details, as they become available.

Regarding the excellent First History for Adults, Scott says:

Thanks in part to the great interest from OCON attendees, a new session of “A First History for Adults” has just started. This fourth group of students of Part 1, The Story of America has just completed its second class, and it is moving ahead twice-weekly during the summer. There’s still time to join this session, by using the registration page.

If you’ve been thinking about taking “A First History for Adults,” but you haven’t managed to fit it in, keep two things in mind: 1) You can take the class via the web-based recordings. If you don’t have time for lectures twice a week, this way you can pace yourself. 2) The *last* session of Part 1 begins in September, and it will run Tuesday evenings. Go to the registration page to join 1HFA1-5!

100% of the NoodleFoodlers who’ve tried “A First History for Adults” strongly recommend it!

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